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Hanoi and castaway trip

Hit by a motorbike, my first shotgun and Bobby's world

rain 16 °C

large_F358737A2219AC68178554BE081E8D52.jpglarge_F364CA692219AC68178546A0E8173563.jpg270_F369C18E2219AC6817478196DF5489C7.jpglarge_F3719DD52219AC6817E6FCE3620A1130.jpgF379DF182219AC68178E867D5DAB1B63.jpgF387054C2219AC6817B1CE25F5B55D8D.jpgWe have spent a few days in Hanoi now, and made our first few friends. The first day I honestly hated it! I was walking around the bustling streets, with the smell of street food filling the air and an array of parked motorbikes on every bit of pavement. There is no side of the road here, so all motorbikes and cars come at each other and at people as you have to walk in the road, so crossing the road requires fearlessness. I was hit by a motorbike on the first day as it came speeding up straight into me while I was crossing, and I was sick of dodging boiling pots of food and hanging chickens as I walked along the street. Hanoi struck me as a noisy, busy dirty place with no manners and the food is not that good. We saw a shopping center and tried to explore a bit but felt overwhelmed by the place so went home early.
The next day, we booked a 3 day 2 night castaway tour with a hostel down the road from us. It was one of the more pricy tours but we heard good things and wanted to meet a few people. On the first day, we were picked up from the hostel at 7 am then driven to the port. Our weather was terrible! We had rain and cold the whole time but still had an amazing time. We wore multicoloured sombreros and drank as soon as we were on our boat which had amazing rooms and fairly good showers, so the first day was mainly just drinking games! Kayaking was our first activity around Hanoi bay which looked incredible even in the mist and rain. The little islands and the whole bay were covered with a sheet of greenery over the surface which gave a Jurassic park effect (you will have heard that before and it sounds cliche but honestly it could have been set there). The water was surprisingly warm and clear, and I enjoyed rowing into the mouths of caves. We rowed through one big cave hosting a family of bats, and came out the other side to have a swim with the group. Brad and I will never row again as a team because he is like a drill sergeant and I am deeply uncoordinated. The way back to the big boat was not relaxing and romantic it was like a P.E lesson. After that, some of the group jumped off of the boat into the water, and then we all played Buffalo (and I made it into Bobby's world haha) then it was just pure drinking games. I don't know how I drank so much but wasn't really drunk at all, and on the first night although I had fun, I was starting to feel a bit old for this. Most of the group were older or around the same age but maybe being in a relationship makes me feel a bit older. I went to bed at around half one.
The next morning we were up at seven for breakfast and as a group we arrived at castaway island at around 11. We had lunch and then spent the day drinking and doing little adventure activities. I went rock climbing and made it quite high before I got stuck. The views were incredible from the island! After a while we were able to go tubing off the back of a speedboat which was sick! The water was warm and I was the only one who managed to stay on the whole time through the massive waves. We were freezing all day which was the only downer, because everybody packed for summer so after I dried off, I put on everything dry that I had all at once and sat in bed by myself for a bit. The bungalows are in the layout that basically we are all in one room with three floors because there are net walls. Night came -and with it more drinking. I didn't drink because my filling came out and my tooth hurt but I did have a cheeky shotgun with everyone then sat by the campfire for a bit. The final day was breakfast and then a boat ride to our big boat, where we sat upstairs on the roof with the group on big bean bags before being taken home. It was a really good trip.
Today was the best! I went to the water park with the group and went on all go the rides apart from the death slide. There is this huge waterpark in a mall underground, where it costs about 5 dollars to get in and there are just loads of water slides and pools everywhere! The death slide is this vertical slide, where you stand in a capsule with music playing like a pounding heartbeat, then a man counts down, pushes a button and the floor drops out underneath you, so you free fall down into a really fast waterslide. I got in but just couldn't do it in the end- it was far too scary with that stupid heartbeat playing brought the speakers. I'm still super proud of myself though after going on the kamikaze where it's literally a vertical drop slide for five seconds with a last minute horizontal finish. There was a really fun penny drop slide, where I went in a tube and then was spun round a giant bowl into a hole at the bottom just like those coin machines that used to be in mcdonalds. There were four person tubes and slides too so all in all it was a really good day. We had a cheeky shotgun in there, and went for Pizza Hut together when we finished. Just now Brad is off to snake village (definitely not for me) and I'm in here practicing sample tests for the police so I might have a shot when I get back.

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