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Full moon

Balloons, mushroom mountain and fire ropes

Full moon
I woke up yesterday morning after full moon party on Haad Rin beach feeling spritely. No hangover and in a great mood. I got out of bed after 4 hours sleep having stumbled to bed at 5.30am and strolled over to the restaurant for breakfast. That was mistake number one. Gradually, as the hours went on I began to sober up and became extremely, paralysingly hungover. Luckily we had 5 episodes of breaking bad downloaded on the ipad so Brad and I spent the day in bed air con blasting and all daylight blocked out wherever possible. It must have been an amazing day for the housekeeping staff here because everyone had do not disturb signs up, too fragile to surface and cause any trouble and too ashamed to let anyone into their pits to clean.
Full moon itself was brilliant! We started the night with two friends up at the bar, drinking buckets and painting everything on each other with UV paint, ranging from pineapples, to flowers to obscenities. I was pretty proud of my guns painted on my biceps but there were some much more impressive ones than that. We were in a sea of full moon shirts and UV paint! Our songtaew picked us up at midnight, and most of us were already half cut; there were buckets passing from person to person as we flew up and down hills, all packed in and holding on for dear life. We first went to pick up my shirt from a shop because I didn't have anything that I wanted ruined, then got a couple of buckets and hit the beach. The first bucket consisted of a bottle of vodka, a bottle of m60 energy drink and a can of coke so it was quite strong but actually it went down a treat. As we came on to the beach it was packed! The sand was already teeming with drunk westerners and littered with empty bottles, cans and buckets. Just as the name would suggest there was a bright white full moon hanging over us. We stumbled on some fire performers who were spinning and throwing paraffin soaked sticks in time to the music. Actually, I don't really remember the music at all so the DNS must have been pretty average, but I do remember us all gravitating towards this one bar in the middle of the beach which was all lit up and had a big stage in the center. James was up there in a heartbeat busting his moves, and I went up for a bit too. We lost Keith countless times! and eventually gave up and went to mushroom mountain just the three of us. We tried a few balloons but I don't really get what the big deal is with them. You get a bit lightheaded and maybe feel a bit sick- well I get that if I skip lunch! So I wasn't majorly impressed but I suppose you have to give it a go. Probably by this point you're thinking well I was at mushroom mountain, did I give that a go too? No. Not for me thanks. I see enough that I don't want to see when I am firmly in my tree so I don't want to take any chances when I'm out of it. Mushroom mountain isn't actually a mountain though; it's located on top of a big flight of stairs on the side of the mountain, next to the beach and has a bar at the top where there are all luminous weird pictures and lots of cushions. The decor is reflective of its customers I think would be the tactful way to say it but basically it's a weird, colourful, trippy shack with loads of people going round offering you drugs. Actually it was pretty friendly place but we didn't stay long. We saw a bit climbing frame with fire at the top and I had a go at climbing it, but some of the poles just had a stick stuck in the middle to extend the frame so I didn't go high up. There was a fire rope but it honestly wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be, and the bouncy fire slide actually wasn't through fire this time. I guess something just have happened that they don't do that any more. We eventually decided to retire at about 5, went and found Keith alone in the back of a songataew having spent the night with a bunch of Asians and their giant bucket! We took our songataew home, and I fell asleep on the floor, whereas poor James fell asleep next to a really drunk. Girl who slapped him really hard round the face and told him to stay awake. Everyone was in hysterics. The boys went skinny dipping, and I stumbled into the shower, scrubbed off my paint with my nails and curled up into a ball, drank a litre of water and went to sleep.

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