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Christmas Eve morning

Sharks for dinner? And no room at the inn.


Christmas Eve.
We are officially running really really low on money. Worryingly so. We are budgeting 700tbh each per day including accommodation, travel and food for the rest of our trip- I haven't even got souvenirs or Christmas presents yet! Yesterday we got the songserm to Koh Samui, and our friends must have missed it because they were going to come with us and weren't there. The boat itself wasn't too bad. It had air con, wasn't too bumpy and wasn't far, but it was late by an hour and when we got off, we saw the worker men slapping this poor guy who was trying to grab his bags because they didn't know what his was doing. The staff are so rude on those boats and always rushing you, yet they're late every time. From there is was a flurry of Thai taxi drivers bombarding us with questions about where we go and 'where you want taxi to?' Until we came to a shop to find a map and this Dutch man tried to sell me accommodation while Brad was in the toilet. He then walked with us round he corner still trying to sell us a room and a moped until he got the hint and left. We went to a coffee shop to use their wifi and work out where we wanted to go, and decided on lamai beach. It was supposed to be cheap accommodation and quite busy. We waited twenty minutes for he songataew to leave, and eventually got dropped off. That was where the Christmas story began. There was no room at the inn. There was no room at any hostel. No room in the bungalows but loads of room in the penthouse suites for 1300 baht per night upwards, which of course we don't have. After a depressing mcdonalds, we walked for around an hour going in everywhere and everyone was fully booked or charging loads of money, so we thought we would have to buy a tent and camp on the beach. Eventually though, we found a place for 300 baht per night with air con and hot water so we are here for four days. The bed is shocking- seriously painful and cockerels woke me up this morning but you know beggars can't be chooser so overall we are very relieved.one thing we saw a lot of yesterday was baby sharks for sale in seafood restaurants. I couldn't believe how many places had shark on the menu. Some guy tried to get me I a nod said we have shark, so I asked if it was a baby and he said 'yes baby, max 4 kilo' actually beaming with pride like he was selling liquid gold. I told him it was terrible and I wouldn't eat somewhere that sells shark but it's everywhere. I was shocked and outraged no wonder sharks are in trouble, they don't even get to breeding age here.

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Waterfalls and mopeds

Exploring phagnan, monkey, elephant, micro pigs and the massage bed of pain

Waterfalls and mopeds. Brad, our two friends and I rented some mopeds for a couple of days to explore the island. We started off really really slow but by the end we were racing around. The terrain was not always smooth, especially on the first day where we came to this dirt slope which we had to go down to get back onto the road. Brad went first, dragging his bike down and slipping all over the place, then Keith and then me with Brads help. It was a nightmare and took about twenty minutes and lots of energy. We got the bikes all the way down through this really rough, slippery, rocky terrain, then James got on his bike and it just fell over. His face was priceless! I just remember his little voice going 'oh sorry sorry oh no I hope it's not scratched', but then he didn't even pick it up!
We drove past emus and captive elephants on the way to the beach which was beautiful . It was quite big, and had massage huts sitting in the middle which we took full advantage of. First though, James and I tried a bit of snorkelling. The sea was really rough and we couldn't see a thing. We opted for just a swim instead. After that, we went for lunch all together at a little beach restaurant with this waiter who kept imitating my voice and laughing at me. Really strange but funny. After that we all swam over to the little island off the beach. When he tide is low, you can walk over this little sand bank to get to the island but the tide was high so we waded and then swam. We got a few little jellyfish stings I think just from stray tentacles, then made it onto the island where we explored for a little bit before heading back for our massages. If you ever watch someone get a Thai massage you will see it is comedy gold! I just went for oil even though it was more expensive because I know what a Thai massage is, but poor James got bent up likes a pretzel. The woman was grabbing his feet and stretching him out and I could hear him in loads of pain while this big Thai lady was on top of him, slapping and laughing away. At one point, (and I will remember this until my dying day) I looked over and it looked like James was riding her backwards! She had his arms linked with hers, and she'd leaned forward into a crawling position, so he was trapped backwards on her, looking round all wide eyed and scared. Oh my god it makes me laugh picturing it now, he was so scared and I couldn't stop laughing. Mine was a bit better but still she beat me up a tad as is customary. They try to relax you then beat you as part of a massage here.if you say something hurts they just nod, laugh and carry on! my woman did something good for my legs though where she leaned on the main artery for about a minute, then let go and it felt like warm water running through my legs. That was quite strange but good. Once the sun went down, we hit the night market for some food. Mine came with a load of bits of chicken in so I barely ate but we had some beer and drove back to the hotel.
The next morning the five of us set off to see some waterfalls. The first wasn't amazing, sort of just one to look at but the second was great. It had a pool at the bottom so we swam in that icy water which was refreshing after riding in the sun, and we all had a few goes on the rope swings. It was a really quiet place which we had to ourselves most of the time so it was well worth the visit. We found the third one after a ten minute walk up through the water and rocks. Again it was very pretty but we weren't up for getting all wet again by swimming in there. I made a little boat on the way back from half a coconut, a stick and a leaf sail. I would have a picture but Brad threw a rock on it and ruined it. I wasn't happy.

Monkeys on a chain and two micro pigs, a chicken and a dog.
From there we decided to go to this secluded beach, which resulted in us riding through a giant building site with a CAT digger dumping rubble right in the road. We had to go up these huge hills and dirt tracks in our little mopeds which was a challenge to say in the least but we got there in the end. By this point it was a bit cold but being British we went for ice creams on the beach on some hotel's sun loungers. I had Brad's hoodie on, and we went for a walk together down the beach. Within the first ten feet Brad found a syringe but after that it was quite romantic and actually really beautiful. We all then went up for a coffee where we met this nice waitress who made us promise to wear helmets and not go too fast incase we have an accident. She was really sweet and does a good coffee.
On the way back I spotted two tiny pigs out of he corner of my eye and couldn't resist stopping. This woman had two micro pigs on leads outside her shop, which she let me pat and stroke. To add to her collection she also had a dog and several chickens, and last but not least a monkey on a chain! A very short chain I might add and the monkey was pacing up and down. I asked when he comes off the lead and she said never so that seemed cruel. I don't understand why anyone would want a pet that they can't touch, never let out and is miserable to look at. I left that weird corner shop zoo and got on my way. Not far down the road, some boys overtook me as I was going around a parked car on a corner so I had to slam on my brakes and nearly crashed. I didn't care that the others were further behind- I sped up and chased the little fuckers. I was fuming because these idiots were driving round thinking they're bad, with no t shirts and no helmets on, clearly thinking they look like vin diesel. I caught up with them in the end but there wasn't anywhere to stop so I just shouted the first thing that came to mind which was "learn to drive and put a t shirt in you knobend". Now I know that wasn't very classy and it wasn't my best look in my little silver helmet shaking my fist like an old woman but that's about as vengeful as I get and to be fair they did look a bit shocked so ha!
We all sat around together back at the hostel where Brad and I shared some smuggled 'Hong thong' and a can of coke whilst watching the sun set, and the others had some cocktails. The sky was lit up pink and purple, and the water underneath looked like it has a layer of petrol on top. It looked like the sky was dipping its toes in the water and dripping colour in. Once the sun was down, the boys played volleyball while I got ready for our little date night.
Once I was ready, I sat with the boys and waited for Brad, we all had a drink together and then went for some couple time at cosmopolitan restaurant. We got some serious garlic breath there from the falafels and fajitas which were amazing! And downloaded beauty school cops outs. And they say romance is dead :)

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Full moon

Balloons, mushroom mountain and fire ropes

Full moon
I woke up yesterday morning after full moon party on Haad Rin beach feeling spritely. No hangover and in a great mood. I got out of bed after 4 hours sleep having stumbled to bed at 5.30am and strolled over to the restaurant for breakfast. That was mistake number one. Gradually, as the hours went on I began to sober up and became extremely, paralysingly hungover. Luckily we had 5 episodes of breaking bad downloaded on the ipad so Brad and I spent the day in bed air con blasting and all daylight blocked out wherever possible. It must have been an amazing day for the housekeeping staff here because everyone had do not disturb signs up, too fragile to surface and cause any trouble and too ashamed to let anyone into their pits to clean.
Full moon itself was brilliant! We started the night with two friends up at the bar, drinking buckets and painting everything on each other with UV paint, ranging from pineapples, to flowers to obscenities. I was pretty proud of my guns painted on my biceps but there were some much more impressive ones than that. We were in a sea of full moon shirts and UV paint! Our songtaew picked us up at midnight, and most of us were already half cut; there were buckets passing from person to person as we flew up and down hills, all packed in and holding on for dear life. We first went to pick up my shirt from a shop because I didn't have anything that I wanted ruined, then got a couple of buckets and hit the beach. The first bucket consisted of a bottle of vodka, a bottle of m60 energy drink and a can of coke so it was quite strong but actually it went down a treat. As we came on to the beach it was packed! The sand was already teeming with drunk westerners and littered with empty bottles, cans and buckets. Just as the name would suggest there was a bright white full moon hanging over us. We stumbled on some fire performers who were spinning and throwing paraffin soaked sticks in time to the music. Actually, I don't really remember the music at all so the DNS must have been pretty average, but I do remember us all gravitating towards this one bar in the middle of the beach which was all lit up and had a big stage in the center. James was up there in a heartbeat busting his moves, and I went up for a bit too. We lost Keith countless times! and eventually gave up and went to mushroom mountain just the three of us. We tried a few balloons but I don't really get what the big deal is with them. You get a bit lightheaded and maybe feel a bit sick- well I get that if I skip lunch! So I wasn't majorly impressed but I suppose you have to give it a go. Probably by this point you're thinking well I was at mushroom mountain, did I give that a go too? No. Not for me thanks. I see enough that I don't want to see when I am firmly in my tree so I don't want to take any chances when I'm out of it. Mushroom mountain isn't actually a mountain though; it's located on top of a big flight of stairs on the side of the mountain, next to the beach and has a bar at the top where there are all luminous weird pictures and lots of cushions. The decor is reflective of its customers I think would be the tactful way to say it but basically it's a weird, colourful, trippy shack with loads of people going round offering you drugs. Actually it was pretty friendly place but we didn't stay long. We saw a bit climbing frame with fire at the top and I had a go at climbing it, but some of the poles just had a stick stuck in the middle to extend the frame so I didn't go high up. There was a fire rope but it honestly wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be, and the bouncy fire slide actually wasn't through fire this time. I guess something just have happened that they don't do that any more. We eventually decided to retire at about 5, went and found Keith alone in the back of a songataew having spent the night with a bunch of Asians and their giant bucket! We took our songataew home, and I fell asleep on the floor, whereas poor James fell asleep next to a really drunk. Girl who slapped him really hard round the face and told him to stay awake. Everyone was in hysterics. The boys went skinny dipping, and I stumbled into the shower, scrubbed off my paint with my nails and curled up into a ball, drank a litre of water and went to sleep.

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Full moon soon

So now we are in lime n soda backpackers. Our little doggy friend left us the night before last after a good three meals, shower, shampoo and blow dry, tick removal and a sleep in a towel I donated to him. This is good news because much as we searched, we couldn't find his home so it's just good news that he's most probably either found his way home or followed someone else who can look after him. Hopefully soon his owners will try actually looking for the poor little fella. We checked into this hostel yesterday morning and I couldn't remember if we'd paid or not but bonus! We had paid already (a little too much really), and had free breakfasts for the week, air con, swimming pool, free snorkel and bat and ball rental, and a Mexican dinner for tonight before full moon. Not bad! Our friend turned up last night which was cool so we spent the night catching up and having a few overpriced drinks at the pool party here. There was a bikini competition and all the contestants ended up being boys which was hilarious! One guy had this tiny bikini on and his ball hanging out- so funny! It ended quite early because most people were off to a jungle party which I didn't mind because I wanted a good nights sleep after two nights of a crying dog keeping me awake. Then came 4 am when everyone came back and decided to drink right opposite our room, and were all shouting at laughing really loud. So annoying when you're shattered. Then I put the air con on to cool down hoping that might make me sleep but it got stuck on the coldet setting with high fan, and the batteries went so I couldn't turn it off. After half an hour of having my head wrapped in a towel shivering I remembered how to disconnect the electric and managed to sleep all of two hours before waking up with a bad stomach. So it was a brilliant day, a great evening but a shocking nights sleep. I am looking forward to today especially because it's full moon at Haad Rin, and we have all day to enjoy the pool and go snorkelling since we are literally on the beach which is beautiful here. We are very lucky to have these views. I think it's impossible to be bored in this hostel too because they have volleyball nets and games on a lot of the time and we have been blessed with sunny blue skies for most of our time on this island. I'm hoping tonight won't get too messy but you know- full moon...

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A new friend


It's our third day in koh Phagnan. Last night we went for a walk down to the beach and had a play on the rope swing on the beach. It was really funny until this dog that we had played with earlier came bounding over and started biting the rope underneath me like I was a big swinging target. I was climbing up and swinging round with this big mad dog jumping up at me so I just jumped off and ran haha. Then, as we were coming back up to our bungalow I heard this jingling sound from behind me. I looked round and saw this tiny little dog with curly hair that looked just like a sheep, following us up the stairs. We gave him a stroke, then closed the door on him leaving him on our porch, but then we heard him crying and felt really sorry for him. When I came out with a yoghurt pot full of water for him, I saw him cowering under a bench while two kittens were closing in on him. It was like pet safari! I scared away the cats I they kept lurking in the darkness like tigers in the jungle. I gave him the water and he picked it up with his little mouth and dropped it on his paw spilling it everywhere. Now I know Brad pretends not to really like animals but I could tell he thought he was cute as well. I sat with him for a while, scaring off the cats until I went inside to watch breaking bad but I felt terrible hearing his little bell outside and hearing him crying. I hoped that he would find his way home by the morning.
Then morning came, and I awoke to this really loud deep barking.I didn't think it could be from our little dog from the night before, so I went outside to see this giant wolf dog scaring the little one into a corner and barking at him. I tried forages to chase him off with a deck chair but he was much less scared than me. Eventually I sort of jabbed him with it and guarded the little one until he went away. By now it was nearly nine, so I went out down the road with this little tiny dog following behind me, asking around if anyone knew where he lived but nobody did, and to make matters worse I picked up two more dogs in the process who chased and barked at him. Needless to say, he ended up coming home with me again. We got him some mackerel from 7/11 which he wolfed down as we ate breakfast. All along the road big dogs were chasing him, barking at him and scaring him to death. The dogs here are like something off fight club I swear they're all gnarly and mean. This restaurant manager told us our best bet was to take him to the police, which we did but they didn't seem to care at all and pretty much told us to look after it from now which is not ideal when we have one night left here. We left our room number incase anyone is looking and we asked around but it seems this little fella is pretty unwanted. So I bought him some more fish, and we took him down the beach for a swim and Brad built him a shelter make from sticks and his shirt. Needless to say we now are trying to find his home as soon as possible but it doesn't look very likely at all and he is following us everywhere!

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