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Being home and being homeless

I don't live anywhere...or do I live everywhere?

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large_274A1EC82219AC68177A4547BF3C97F1.jpglarge_273B47E12219AC68175E9991856CE843.jpglarge_27292B322219AC6817BA4DE2C99ACE3C.jpglarge_2717E5AC2219AC6817E87BB27951008B.jpglarge_270569D72219AC68179B5D74EF7F66ED.jpg26F0B4612219AC6817C139A4B48F0EEF.jpglarge_269B31CE2219AC6817A998BB15B279C8.jpgSo I have been home for just two weeks and it's been a roller coaster since we touched down. Firstly, I missed my flight in New York so I was late back to England. That meant that I arrived on the morning of my birthday, so I went out for dinner as planned with my friends but I was knackered! I had a bucket list for my time in England:
-Go to Nandos
-Toby Carvery
-Go to an English pub
-English fry up in a cafe
-take dogs for a walk on Margate beach
-Drink English Tea!!!!
-Visit Wingham Wildlife Park and play with the goats
-Watch the Jeremy Kyle show
-Girlie weekend
-Go shopping
-London Dungeon
-(scariest of all) the London eye!
Some of these May not seem that ambitious but there are reasons for all of them. The food related ones are mainly due to the fact I have been craving these foods for nearly three years which has grown into an unhealthy enthusiasm for them. I've had Nandos twice, two fry up's, endless tea, one Chinese takeaway, a Toby Carvery! fish and chips, a home made roast and a pub lunch. Not to mention a box of family circle, rich tea biscuits and a box of celebrations between Brad and I. London Dungeons on Halloween with the girls was super scary but really good fun. We had booked ahead but still had a forty five minute wait, which we spent eating waffles overlooking the Thames. When we went in past the ticket office everyone was in character, and it was a tour with no guide, so each stage sent you to the next. The tour included a Sweeney Todd barbershop, a mirror maze with no way out, a mechanical boat ride in the dark (where we were soaked), a hang and ride where we were smashed down through the floor in the dark and lots more. It doesn't sound that scary but in the dark when you cNt see properly and people are jumping out on you and the floorboards move it actually is really scary. After that came the London eye for Brad, his sisters and I. It last around half an hour and at first I was really scared because obviously my worst fear is heights, but after around ten minutes I was less worried and soaked in the view which was cold, grey, bleak and really felt like home.
During my time in England, I ticked off everything on my list and it was all just amazing as I remember- even little things like having HP sauce ready on the table for my perfectly fried eggs. GET IN! The girly weekend with my friends was amazing although I did suffer horrifically the next day with the worst hangover I have ever had in all my time on this planet. I did not enjoy throwing up in a bush outside a shopping centre and I do not enjoy spending all my night and morning in the bathroom wanting to die but I did have a hilarious night out drinking and dancing and eating chips with garlic sauce in the best company.
It's so good to see everybody after such a long time and I think I am really lucky because Brad's family are so welcoming so it instantly felt like home. It's been non stop which is why I haven't written anything and I am well and truly ready for South East Asia and the holiday. A word of warning though- I wasn't able to see a doctor for vaccines in England because apparently I am no longer English. thats news to me! so the NHS GP's are clearly getting tighter since I am a British Citizen and don't have access to the NHS anymore. This has led to me not having any vaccines or medicine before a two month trip through South East Asia. Along with that, Brad has been procrastinating so we have no accommodation booked for anything other than a week before Christmas, no route planned, nothing! right now I am panicked!

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